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Google is doing its darndest to keep YouTube Music alive and kicking. That effort mostly comes through in a lot of little nips and tucks around the edges whether it's in the guts or the front end. Now, it may be time to tally up another one for the front end.

One YouTube Music user posted a screenshot on of a new element they saw on the app's home screen: a big card highlighting a playlist along with some choice songs. Users can press buttons right on the card to start playing the list or a derivative radio selection or even add the playlist to their library.


notes that the element, which looks to be fixed in place, would be a curveball from all the assorted carousels of playlist or album thumbnails that the home screen currently offers. It'll be especially effective when promoting a playlist du jour. That said, if your streaming music app of choice lives or dies by UI design, you may have a few priorities to sort out.

It doesn't look like a lot of people are seeing the new card, so we're probably going through a bit of an A/B test phase right now.

Let's be honest: it's more of a visual change than what we've been able to notice from Spotify as of recent.