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T-Mobile is known for its edgy marketing campaigns that drive home the message of affordability while also occasionally taking digs at rival carriers, which in turn, could lead to a legal dispute — as was the case a couple of months ago. The self-styled "Un-carrier" is no stranger to taking unconventional approaches to attracting customers or, at least, people's attention. This week, T-Mo is taking things a step further by launching a smart suitcase, known as the Un-carrier On.


Designed in partnership with Samsara Luggage, this smart suitcase comes with its own wireless charging pad, a power bank with USB-C output, and a special compartment for a tracker tag, though the pocket appears to be designed specifically for the Apple AirTag. The hard-shell suitcase can also double as a flat top work surface to quickly jot something down on your laptop or tablet while on the go.

The Un-carrier On is currently up for pre-order via T-Mo's dedicated travel page called Travel Magenta. However, it does not provide a specific timeline for its availability with the carrier saying that orders will begin shipping later this month. Contrastingly, the says the suitcase will be available for sale within 30-60 days.

As to be expected from Samsara, one of the more upscale travel brands, customers will need to shell out $325 (plus tax) to reserve the Un-carrier On via T-Mobile. In addition to the aforementioned Travel Magenta website, you can also get the Un-carrier On from the Samsara Luggages .

T-Mobile is using the campaign to promote its traveler-focused amenities as the holidays approach including free access to in-flight Wi-Fi, better-than-average data speeds while roaming across borders, and other perks lined up with AAA and other service providers.