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Sling TV was one of the first refuges for cable cutters, trailblazing in an over-the-top model that's seen major growth in the industry. But with economic pressures bearing down, streaming services have had to react. Giants like Netflix have deployed a variety of tricks in their toolbelt, launching an ad-supported tier while also cracking down on account sharing. It seems like Sling TV isn't immune to this phenomenon, either, with the service announcing a price hike for its monthly subscriptions.


The $5 hike means that the Sling Orange or Sling Blue plan will now cost $40 per month while bundling the Orange and Blue plans will set you back by $55. The revised pricing will be immediately applicable to new customers while existing Sling TV subscribers will see the price bump on their bill after December 3.

While the price increase does trend with high levels of inflation around the world, Sling also cited the increased cost of programming as one of the reasons for the decision. The company points out that this is the first price increase in nearly two years, though the December 2019 price hike also brought along more channels and free DVR on the both tiers.

To be fair, there should be more benefits on the way. Top Sling exec Gary Schanman also a "robust list of new features" that the company plans on detailing down the road. This supposedly includes plans to add more than 150 channels through 2023 plus features like auto binge-watching and user profiles for families.