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Home security and peace of mind are pretty high on most people’s priority lists. The good news is that thanks to companies like , it’s never been easier or more budget-friendly to install high-quality outdoor cameras to survey your home, day and night.

Reolink has just announced a Christmas Holiday sale on its new Dual-Lens Floodlight PoE camera. Once installed, you can sit back and check out panoramic 4K images on your phone via the easy-to-use app.


This camera has all the top-notch technology and features that we’ve come to expect from Reolink, with the advantage of two added floodlights. The original Duo cameras from Reolink have some pretty good spotlights built in, but these are different. We’re talking 1800-lumen adjustable floodlights with Smart AI detection. With adjustable angles and brightness, these lights have the ability to illuminate a large area with fantastic clarity; this includes areas that have no additional light sources present.

The result is a clear and crisp image even on a dark night, with no shady areas. This image covers a wide area, and even though there are two cameras, there is no visible gap between the two images; they seamlessly join into one large 180° wide-angle panoramic view.

There are also three recording options. You may have the Reolink Duo Floodlight record 24/7, on a schedule, or only when the Smart AI detection is triggered. The Smart AI detection is able to identify vehicle, human, and animal shapes to trigger the floodlights, making sure you are aware of exactly what is going on in your backyard, near your home entrance, or anywhere else you choose to place the device.

Unlike many competitors, the Reolink Duo Floodlight PoE does not have a fisheye lens effect or other distortions that can occur on many security cameras available. You get a clear and focused image, with everything in proportion.

The Reolink Duo Floodlight doesn’t only provide great images, but it also gives you two-way audio. Therefore, if you wanted to, you could easily communicate with whoever is at your door.

This camera uses PoE (Power over Ethernet) rather than WiFi, which is the preferred method of connection for security cameras because it eliminates any possibility of interface or signal jamming that might occur when using WiFi. Couple that with its IP66 weatherproofing, and Smart AI detection, and you’ll never worry about missing human, animal, or vehicle activity within your safe haven.

This is available to pre-order now through December 21st for just $143.99. To lock in your 20% savings, use code APDUOFL.

To score all the features of the Duo Floodlight without the cord, you can opt for the Duo Floodlight that is WiFi enabled. Spoiler alert, that is also on sale! Take 20% off with code APDUOFL and get the Reolink Duo Floodlight WiFi for just $147.99, now through December 21st.

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