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What's the only thing better than a shiny new Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro smartphone? If you said “having someone else pay for it,” we like the cut of your jib. While these phones are both some solid values, andd have already seen some incredible deals, Google's latest promotion could score you one for absolutely free — so long as you convince enough of your friends to buy one.

Pixel Superfans are being invited to join a Google Store referral program. They get a code to share with friends who are interested in picking up a new Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, or even a Pixel 6a. After the friend completes their transaction, Google will not just send them a $100 Google Store code, redeemable on a future purchase, but also extend that same $100 credit to the Superfan. So long as you can find enough friends shopping for new phones, participants can repeat this up to 10 times, earning themselves $1,000 in the process — more than enough for that new Pixel.


Still not feeling the motivation? Would some swag help change your mind? The first time a friend makes a phone purchase with your code, Google will hook you up with a Superfan prize pack, including a pin, hat, and water flask.

If you're not a Pixel Superfan yet, but think you're ready to handle the responsibility living that kind of lifestyle of demands, go ahead and to get started with the program.