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Amazon Kindle (2022)
$90 $100 Save $10

The new Kindle is smaller and lighter than previous models, and it features a fantastic screen. It's quite a bit cheaper than the Paperwhite, although you may miss some features you loved on that model.

The latest Kindle has only been around for a few short months now, but we're getting a discount on it already. Amazon has knocked $10 off the price of the 2022 Kindle, and while that may not sound like much, what you'll get for free along with it is even more valuable: four months of Kindle Unlimited. With a month's subscription running $10, that's $40 worth of goodies.


Why you'll love the 2022 Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Kindle devices are easily the most popular, and among one of the best e-reader lines out there. The base 2022 model is more compact than previous generations, so you can take it with you anywhere, and it was our favorite budget pick of the year.

Compared to the pricier Paperwhite model with a 6.8-inch glare-free, 300ppi, front-lit display, the standard Kindle has a 6-inch screen with the same pixel density. However, while the Paperwhite features 17 LED front lights, this new Kindle only has four of them, so your screen won't be as evenly illuminated. On the plus side, the 2022 Kindle has a massive battery that will last for about six weeks, although that lifespan will depend upon how many pages you get through.

Ahead of the holidays, the 2022 Kindle is on sale for only $90, down from the full retail price of $100. And as we mentioned, Amazon is offering four months of free access to Kindle Unlimited, which is heaven for bibliophiles.

Kindle Unlimited lets you read however many books you want out of a library containing some 3 million titles. You also get access to unlimited audiobooks, all of which you can listen to with the 2022 Kindle and a pair of Bluetooth headphones. No matter whether you love the classics, indie writers, you want to discover new authors, or just reread your favorites, you have it all, just a few taps away, with Kindle Unlimited.

If you plan on gifting the Kindle, you'll make someone very happy when they sign up for Unlimited this Christmas. Should you be feeling extra generous this season, you can also check out our favorite Kindle accessories and choose a few stocking stuffers from there, too.