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As the year is coming to an end, brands have started to line up like clockwork, looking back at how their year went by and what kept the users hooked to their platforms. While Spotify Wrapped has been the front runner — it totally smashed it with the buzz this year too — more brands are following suit in 2022. YouTube Music recently did its own Recap, and now Google TV is out with its Best of 2022, giving you a peek at what people have watched in 2022.


isn’t a personalized showcase for individual users but is meant to give an overview of the platform’s general trends. From your home entertainment to theater visits, everything goes through Google in one way or the other, and the search giant is putting that knowledge to some good use as we're just a couple of weeks away from 2023.


Three movies that topped the charts in 2022 are Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder, DC’s The Batman, and Top Gun: Maverick. While we aren’t judging you for liking this year’s Thor, it's clear that a lot of people watched it or at least were curious about it. As evident from these popular choices, action and drama got the biggest takers across top movies and TV series and were the most watchlisted genres, too.

Not just movies and TV shows, there were some live events that kept people hooked. The coverage of the death of Queen Elizabeth II drew the most attention, followed by sporting events like Pro Football and Pro Tennis.


Unsurprisingly, most of the viewing happened on paid streaming services, with cable/satellite TV being the next most popular choice. But more interestingly, families now rely on nine different types of devices for their entertainment needs, and that includes smart TVs, gaming consoles, tablets, and others.

If all that made you curious for more such insights, or you just want to see how close your personal preferences are to these general viewing patterns, you can for the full infographics. Additionally, the Google TV app on Android and iOS should also showcase the Best of 2022 slides under the 'For You' tab. These insights are already live for those in the US, with Japan, Australia, and India joining later on. You have until January 3rd to catch Google TV’s Best of 2022.