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Google has long been considered the homepage of the internet. Social networks have become huge sources of information, but one way or another, we always wind up searching for things on Google. And while disruptions to Google's search engine are rare, they have happened in the past. If you think Google is down, this new status tracker launched by the company will help you tell if the problem is on its end.

Google has introduced the , a detailed dashboard that will report any outages affecting Google search queries at a given moment. The dashboard will show information on any incidents that have happened within the last seven days, and it will even detail whether the issue in question is related to the process of crawling, indexing, or serving search results.


The company says it will attempt to report service outages on this dashboard within one hour after they occur, and keep on posting consecutive updates about it within the next 12 hours. An issue will be considered resolved once engineers have put together, and deployed, a solution to the issue.

Google Search Dashboard

Google says that, even though service disruptions are rare, the company wants to make info as transparently available as possible. Since Google's search engine is such an essential part of the life of many people, it's surprising a tool like this didn't exist already. Google's Search Central page even goes into detail about what kinds of problems could occur, how they may be reported, and how long it might take for them to be fixed. This is decided on a case-by-case basis, and things will be different depending on what kind of problem Google is dealing with.

Check out the status dashboard if you suspect Google might be struggling to give you your search results. If it doesn't show anything, you'll know that Google Search is working well and you can get searching.