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Who doesn't appreciate getting a little corporate swag now and then? Lots of services reward their most engaged users with additional benefits and the occasional commemorative freebie. Google is no different, offering a bunch of exclusive benefits to its top-tier Google One subscribers and Play Points earners. Google Play is currently celebrating its 10-year anniversary, and to mark the occasion there's an exclusive t-shirt up for grabs for the highest Play Points earners.


You can rack up Google Play Points by splurging on Play Store apps and games, signing up for Google One memberships, buying e-books from Google Play, and making in-app purchases. If you accumulated enough Play Points to unlock the Platinum tier (3,000 points or more) before December 8, you can claim this limited-edition tee. The doodle commemorates the 10-year anniversary, representing everything we love about the ecosystem, from PUBG to racing games.

The plain black tee features art created by Brooklyn-based graphic designer Naomi Otsu. In a quick clip explaining her inspiration and process, Otsu says the art conveys her idea of what mobile gaming is all about — “a window to other worlds.” She notes that if you look closely, you’ll notice that the eyes in the art reveal a reflection of a person holding their phone.

If you meet the rather strict eligibility requirements here, open up the Google Play Store or and request your exclusive tee quickly. Production is limited to 23,000 and each user can only claim one t-shirt. You also need to be a non-minor legal resident of one of the 50 United States (including D.C. and Puerto Rico). You can choose between a unisex fit and a women’s fit, in a variety of sizes.

The ship may have sailed for this year’s eligibility, but if you were pretty close this time around (say, on the Gold tier), make a mental note that getting into the Platinum tier by 2023-end could yield you some fancy freebie reward.