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Google recently rolled out Chrome 108 on Android and other platforms. The update equips one of our favorite web browsers with a few new features like support for passkeys, resource-efficient tab management, and a power-saving utility. The update is also helping Google A/B test a significant visual change that could help the Chrome Omnibox resemble the Google Search app.

When Chrome 108 was in the Canary stage a couple of months ago, it included a new flag clearly designed to modernize the Omnibox — Google’s name for the web address bar, which doubles up as a search box. The new interface places each search suggestion or recommended web URL in its own independent card instead of displaying them as a continuous list on a single card. The topmost suggestion offers significantly rounded upper corners in the new Omnibox design, complete with unchanged iconography and arrow button placement in line with each suggestion.


(L to R) Pixel Launcher Search, the Omnibox in Chrome today, and the Chrome 108 A/B test

9to5Google reports Google is now with Chrome 108 stable channel users and Chrome 109 beta testers. Although a launch timeline for the visual change isn’t set in stone yet, a wider test is certainly a good sign. The new UI also bears a semblance to the Pixel Launcher search utility in the Android 13 QPR1 release. As a result, the Chrome Omnibox appears much more cohesive and well-integrated on Android.

Since the last time we spotted it on Chrome 105, the address bar has shed the wide pill-shaped background, usually seen in a darker color, used for easy identification. So now, the search query you type will be placed plainly in the Omnibox, but suggestions will have their own cards.

Keep in mind that the updated address bar looks no different when you’re just scrolling through a webpage. You need to tap it to bring up the keyboard and search/webpage recommendations to see the updated interface. Hopefully, the unifying change makes it through testing, and to the stable channel in a future update.