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Good Lock is one of the best parts of One UI, providing a plethora of customization options usually found in custom ROMs. Good Lock's modules are often broken whenever a new version of One UI is released, but the team of developers managed to get all of them working with One UI 4 before it was released to the public. Now, Good Lock's 2022 update has started rolling out, bringing plenty of new options to coincide with the release of some of this year's .

As reported by , one of the Good Lock team members announced the new updates on .

One of the things highlighted is that the Good Lock developers work on this service in their free time in addition to their other responsibilities. That's pretty incredible considering how much effort it must take to make these features work, and I'm glad they do it.

Here's everything that's new with Good Lock 2022, one of our for Samsung devices.


Home Up

In November, Samsung tried adding a verticle app drawer to Good Lock, but it was only compatible with One UI 3. That's changing today, and now you can use it in One UI 4.0 and 4.1 as well.

It's a work in progress, and there are some changes I'd like to see. While you can swipe up to open the app drawer, you can't swipe down to get rid of it again, forcing you to use the back gesture to return to your home screen. I'd also like the option to remove the "priority app" section at the top as I don't find it very useful.

You can download the new version of this module from .


SoundAssistant now has a voice changer built-in, and when enabled, you can access it from your notification shade whenever your microphone is in use. There are nine voice changers to choose from, and none of them sound very good. I'm not sure why Samsung thinks people will be interested in this outside of pretending to be in a Scream movie.

The changelog also mentions customizing the volume panel used in DeX mode, but I haven't been able to try that yet.

You can download the new version of this module from .

One Hand Operation +

One Hand Operation + has seen a redesign of the quick tools panel to better fit with the look of Material You. Aside from the cosmetics, two new actions can be assigned to gestures.

The first is keyboard shortcuts, which will perform a button combination from a keyboard. In a browser like Chrome, you'll be able to scroll through a page, navigate back and forth between pages, create new tabs, and more.

The other option is move screen. When you trigger it, you can move your finger across the display, and the screen contents will be magnified. It's weird, and I can't see many people ever wanting to use it.

You can download the new version of this module from .

Theme Park

When One UI 4.0 arrived, Theme Park gained the ability to use third-party icon packs from the Play Store to theme your home screen. One of the only criticisms was that you couldn't change icons on a per-app basis, but that's been rectified in today's update. Changing the icon for a specific app is easy:

  1. From the theme editor, press the three-dot menu in the top right corner, followed by change icons
  2. Find the app you want to alter, and tap on it
  3. Choose which icon pack you want to browse through
  4. Choose the new icon you want to use from the list, either by scrolling through or using the search function

The wallpaper picker in Theme Park has also seen some changes. There is now an "explore more wallpapers" option when choosing your wallpaper. This will open the wallpaper section on the Galaxy Store and allow you to purchase and download anything you like.

You can download the new version of this module from .


ClockFace is now able to sync the clock on your lockscreen and Always On Display with your Galaxy Watch. You have to be using a watch face made with Watch Face Studio, a design tool Samsung offers to make it easier to design watch faces for its devices.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get this working yet. Whenever I open the new Watch section of the ClockFace app, I get an error that says, "No watch faces loaded from your Watch. Install the watch faces created by Watch Face Studio via a Store app."

It's hard to know which watch faces this includes. Several of the new ones included with the Watch4 are shown off on the Watch Face Studio website, but they still don't sync with this module. We'll update this section when the app begins working properly.

You can download the new version of this module from .


Wonderland has been updated with the same wallpaper options as Theme Park and the ability to add a 3D effect to photos taken in portrait mode. All you need to do is set a photo taken in portrait mode as your wallpaper in Wonderland, and it'll add a 3D parallax effect between the subject and the background.

You can download the new version of this module from .

Nice Shot

Nice Shot is an old Good Lock module from 2019 that offered customization options for the screenshot UI, and now it's returned in Good Lock 2022.

You can stop screenshots from being saved to your clipboard, disable cropping suggestions while editing, and add a delete button to the toolbar that is shown every time you take a screenshot.

If you're screen recording, you can change the size of captured selfie video and add virtual colored backgrounds. My favorite feature so far is that the app automatically enables Do Not Disturb while capturing. Having to restart a screen recording because someone decided to send you a sensitive message at the wrong time can be frustrating, and this goes a long way to stop that from happening.

You can download the new version of this module from .


MultiStar has gotten a big upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. If you head into the "I <3 Galaxy Foldable" menu, you'll see a new Cover Launcher widget sub-menu. Tapping on the plus icon will let you add apps to the new cover screen widget. Unfortunately, three of the six recommended titles are either games or game streaming services, none of which work well (or at all) on the cover screen — probably best to just remove those.

You can add any installed app to the cover screen, but some will work better than others. In the Good Lock 2022 update announcement, Samsung said that it had worked to optimize media and navigation apps, which is probably what most people will want to use this for.

Once you're happy with the apps you've chosen, go back to the main Cover Launcher widget screen, and open Cover Widget settings. From here, you can reorganize the existing widgets on your cover screen, like Samsung Health or Galaxy Buds, and choose where the Cover Launcher will be in that list.

With everything set up, just flip your phone closed, swipe over to the over Launcher, and open an app. This is still in its early stages, but it's nice to see Samsung working on it, and we look forward to seeing how it improves over time.

You can download the new version of this module from .

Keys Cafe

The Keys Cafe module lets you modify Samsung's keyboard by changing colors, adding animations, creating custom layouts, and now making your own sticker packs. To get started, open the new "My Sticker" menu and tap the plus button in the bottom-right corner. This will open the gallery, and you'll need to choose which images you want to include in your sticker pack. Once you've named the pack, you can save it, and it'll appear in the Samsung keyboard.

We'll add an APK Mirror link for this module when one is available.

As the remaining Good Lock modules are updated over the coming weeks, we'll be sure to keep this article updated with all relevant information. It's good to see that Good Lock isn't slowing down and will continue to improve this year, further cementing its position as a vital part of the Samsung experience.

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Modules updated

MultiStar and Keys Cafe have been updated, allowing you to run apps on the Flip3's cover screen and make your own sticker packs in Samsung's keyboard.