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With a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and a 5.9-inch display, the Asus Zenfone 9 packs a ton of power in about as small a package as you can expect nowadays. Don’t let its tiny stature fool you; it is one of the best Android phones you can buy. While it may be a complete device, its small stature can lead to some drops if you aren’t paying attention.

Protecting a device like the Asus Zenfone 9 is critical to its long-term durability and resale value. While choosing a device like this may be simple, especially if you like smaller phones, picking a great case is not such a walk in the park. While you may not find top-name case makers when choosing one for the Zenfone 9, it doesn’t mean you are lacking in choice. There is something for everyone, and we have rounded up the best ones available.

Premium pick

9.00 / 10

The best case for the Zenfone 9 happens to be the most versatile, and it's made by Asus. This hard case has a raised lip to lift the front of the screen and your camera lenses to provide protection when placing your device on a hard surface. The Connex case from Asus comes in White or Black and is made from polycarbonate. The case features a modular design with a couple of attachments included for your convenience. The first attachment is a polycarbonate kickstand that lets you easily rest your device horizontally on a flat surface.

The second attachment is a cardholder. This TPU attachment will let you easily carry a credit card, a license, or business cards. The colors of the kickstand and cardholder vary depending on the color of the case. If you get the Connex case in black, the kickstand will also come in black, and the cardholder will be green. If you get the white case, then the stand comes in brown, and the cardholder comes in white.

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Asus Connex Case Zenfone 9
Editors choice

9.00 / 10

RhinoShield is a well-known manufacturer with a reputation for providing great protection. The SolidSuite case continues that reputation with its great overall protection and personalization options to show off your style. This case offers military-grade drop protection, which RhinoShield says will keep the device safe from as high as 11 feet. In addition to the excellent protection, RhinoShield allows a variety of personalization options. The case comes in black or carbon fiber. The black color option gives you a choice of just a standard black case, or you can choose from a wide variety of prints to show off your style. With dozens of print options, there is something that will suit your needs.

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RhinoShield SolidSuit Zenfone 9
Best value

8.75 / 10

If you are looking to protect your Zenfone 9 while maintaining its small stature, then you should try the EVUNNBC TPU case. This case offers military-grade drop protection with a thin design. The brushed texture gives this case a nice polished look. EVUNNBC made this case from a blend of TPU rubber and carbon fiber. This blend helps provide a non-slip surface that is resistant to fingerprints and oils. This case provides a clearance of 0.8mm for the display and camera lenses to protect them from hard surfaces. The case is available in black or red.

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EVUNNBC Flexible TPU Case Zenfone 9

8.50 / 10

The kwmobile clear case looks to help you make a statement. This case helps it stand out from the crowd with its unique two-tone coloring. It starts as pink at the top and gently transitions to a light blue at the bottom for a unique and eye-popping design. The case is made from TPU, allowing this case to remain thin and flexible while providing great protection. You also get precision cutouts for all ports and the volume buttons.

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Kwmobile Clear Bicolor Case Zenfone 9

5. DAMONDY Wallet Case Zenfone 9

8.25 / 10

If you prefer the convenience of a wallet case, then DAMONDY has you covered. This wallet case is made from PU leather, offering a soft and classic leather feel. You get two slots to store your plastic cards as well as a pocket to hold your cash. With a magnetic strap, you can be sure this case stays closed. This case has cutouts for your camera, speakers, and all ports. You can even use the flip cover to work like a kickstand, holding your device upright on a hard surface for content consumption.

8.00 / 10

The Tffozssi acrylic combines the look of a clear case while giving it some color to stand out from the crowd. The colors run around the edges of the device and the camera housing. It is made from acrylic and TPU, which allows this case to withstand scratches and the occasional drop. This thin case has raised edges on the front and back of the case to keep your screen and camera lenses safe from being dragged across a table. It comes in black, blue, pink transparent blue, and transparent gray.

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Tffozssi Acrylic Case Zenfone 9

7.75 / 10

The kwmobile smooth matte case is for those looking for a simple case without any unnecessary frills. The case is soft to the touch and flexible thanks to being crafted from TPU. Being made from TPU, your phone will be protected, and you won’t have to worry about the occasional tumble to the ground. At just 1.3mm thick, this ultra-slim case will slide easily into just about any pocket. The case comes in black matte, light blue matte, petrol, red, and white matte.

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Kwmobile Smooth Matte TPU Case Zenfone 9

7.50 / 10

The Dzxouui case is made from TPU and features a brushed textured design on the back of the case. The TPU materials give this case good drop protection, while the textured back is anti-fingerprint and scratch resistant. The inside of the case has diamond grooves to allow for better airflow and cooling. This case has a 0.3mm lip on the front, and a 2mm raised edge on the back to protect your camera and screen. The case is available in the colors blue and black.

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Dzxouui Ultra Thin TPU Case Zenfone 9

7.50 / 10

The Osophter clear case is for those looking for a thin case that offers a bit more protection. This case is made from TPU and has reinforced corners for enhanced drop protection. The idea is that if you drop your phone, the reinforced corners will take the brunt of the shock and transfer the energy toward the sides of the case, keeping it from breaking your screen. The case also has raised edges to protect your display and camera housing better.

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Osophter Clear Case Zenfone 9

7.00 / 10

The QuietTip bumper case is a thin, no-frills case. It is made from silicone, providing a soft and flexible body to protect your device from scratches and occasional drops. It has a 2mm lip to protect the screen, and a 3mm raised edge to protect the camera lenses. It comes in black, blue, gray, green, and red. The back of the device has a textured feel making it easy to grip the Zenfone 9.

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QuietTip Thin Silicone Case

Keeping your device protected

With its quick speed and a recent upgrade to Android 13, the Asus Zenfone 9 is the go-to for compact phone buyers. Protecting your Zenfone 9 from scratches and the inevitable drop should be your top priority. The Zenfone 9 is in a strange position regarding case choices. While there are a wide variety of styles, they often come from brands that are not recognizable. Unfortunately, the top case manufacturers seem to be ignoring such a great device, and it makes picking a case slightly more complicated than it should be.

If you are looking for a premium and versatile case, then the Asus Connex case is going to be the one you want to look at. It looks great, and coming from Asus itself guarantees a great fitting case. The best overall case for the Zenfone 9 is the SolidSuite from RhinoShield. It offers great drop protection and personalization options, providing a unique look to your Zenfone 9. The EVUNNBC TPU case offers the best value overall. You are getting military-grade drop protection and a brushed textured design offering a complete package at a budget price. You can’t go wrong with any of these three cases; each will keep your device looking as good as the day you bought it.