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Once upon a time, Amazon Prime Day was only once a year, usually in July, but the deals never stop, so why limit ourselves to one sales event? That was obviously Amazon's thinking when they announced the Prime Early Access Sale a few weeks ago — after months of rumors that the e-Commerce colossus was doubling up on Prime Day shopping holidays — with this also serving as an unofficial kickoff to the holiday shopping season. That's right, folks, "early Black Friday deals" start this week, because why wait for Halloween to be over?


Amazon Prime Early Access Sale runs October 11-12 in 15 countries, and as we hunker down for a veritable tsunami of deals, we have our eyes peeled and our keyboards ready. As we seek out the best deals on the best wireless earbuds — almost every bud on that list was discounted back in July — smart home devices, tablets, Chromebooks, and, of course, sales on the best Android phones, flagship and mid-range alike, we're balancing past deals, current values, and changes in the market to ensure you get only the best discounts on the products you want.

We're already seeing some sales alive and kicking for Amazon devices — Kindle e-readers, Fire TVs, Echo speakers and beyond — and we'll be keeping this live blog updated throughout the next 48 hours as deals live, die, and (in some cases) live again.

The best Amazon Prime Early Access deals

21:30 - The Lenovo Flex 5i has sold out, but Acer's Spin 514 sale is still going strong

The Lenovo Flex 5i Chromebook was almost too good to be true at $280, and alas it has sold out, but there are a handful of other Chromebook deals to take advantage of before their prices turn back into pumpkins at 3AM. Among Acer's superb Chromebook lineup, the Acer Chromebook Spin 514 (3H) is just below the premium titans like the Spin 714 and the now-discontinued Spin 713 (rest in peace, my lovely). When I went hands on with it hands-on with it back in May, it showed a lot of promise with its Ryzen chipset, up-firing speakers — something Acer still hasn't made standard for some unknowable reason — and long-lasting battery, and tonight's deal from Best Buy helps it stand out from the pack.

Buy the Acer Chromebook Spin 514 (3H) for $100 off

16:45 - Grab the Galaxy Watch 4 for half the price of the Pixel Watch

While the Google Pixel Watch may arrive in stores tomorrow, our review is out today, and it takes some serious issues with the Fitbit calorie counting and fitness tracking as well as the lack of some fitness sensors/features that we've taken for granted in watches like the Galaxy Watch 4.

Even if all you need in a watch is for it to look pretty and show your notifications, the Pixel Watch is $350 and you're stuck with Google's proprietary bands for the time being, while you can grab the 40mm Galaxy Watch 4 for $150 and then use it with any 20mm watch band you'd like. I have about 20 bands I swap between on mine depending on my wardrobe, mood, and the time of year.

Buy the Silver Galaxy Watch 4 40mm (Wi-Fi) for $100 off

Amazon only has the Silver 40mm model down to $150, but you can get the Black 44mm model for $170 off at Best Buy — the larger size has been $30 more expensive, so you get an extra $10 off here.

Get the Black Galaxy Watch 4 44mm (Wi-Fi) for $110 off

While the Galaxy Watch 4 comes with a magnetic charging puck, it's not very sexy. For a better way to charge both your Galaxy Watch 4 and your smartphone, Samsung's latest version of the Duo wireless charger is down to $50. It'll charge the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones at up to 15W, but it also supports standard Qi for your Pixel, your wife's iPhone, or whichever wireless charging phone you're rocking.

Get the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo for $40 off

13:13 - The Pixel 7 may be refined, but the $380 Pixel 6 deal is still the better value


The biggest question hanging over the Pixel 7 has been if it would be a worthy upgrade and fix the Pixel 6's shortcomings in regards to battery and cell reception, and now that our Pixel 7 review has arrived, we can answer those questions before you buy one or the other. The Pixel 7's minutely smaller screen can get a little brighter in direct sunlight, the Google Tensor G2 is slightly more efficient to help the smaller battery last a full and complete day, and the mostly unchanged camera sensors are a wee bit faster thanks to the G2 processor. However, standby battery drain is still an issue, the cellular connectivity does not appear to be significantly improved, and most of the new camera and software features are coming to the Pixel 6.

This means you have two options: take advantage of the trade-in deals and free gift cards for the Pixel 7 and pay the majority of that $600, or spend $380 on the Google Pixel 6 and get the Pixel 7 features with the next Pixel Feature Drop. If you lack a trade-in device, the Pixel 6 is a steal at $380, as the phone will get at least two more years of platform updates, four years of security updates, and almost all of the same features while costing $220 less.

Buy the Google Pixel 6 for $220 off

12:35 - The 2022 Frame 4K Smart TV is up to $800 off at Samsung with a free bezel frame

While there are still several Amazon Fire TV sales going, if you're not a fan of Samsung's interface or simply after a more refined look for your living room, Samsung is bringing its best prices yet to the new 2022 The Frame QLED 4K Smart TVs. You can get $200 and $300 discounts on the 50- and 55-inch while the 65-inch and 75-inch big boys get a whopping $800 off plus a free customizable bezel color to ensure your artful new television/artwork display meshes perfectly with your refined decor.

Buy Samsung's The Frame 4K QLED Smart TV (2022) for up to $800 off

11:40 - The Pixel Buds Pro are almost sold out

All colors of the Google Pixel Buds Pro

While the focus this week may be on the new Pixel 7 and the jaw-dropping $380 Pixel 6 deal, the Google Pixel Buds Pro are seeing their first significant discount today. Both the Coral and Lemongrass colorways have already sold out, so if you wanted Pixel's best buds yet, stop waffling and pull the trigger before they're all gone. We still have Charcoal and Fog to choose from, and if you're concerned about the Fog's light color, mine are still pristine after two months of heavy use.

Easily ranking among the best wireless earbuds, the Buds Pro are comfortable, their gesture controls are second to none, and Google has fixed the connectivity issues the 2020 model had. As if a 25% discount wasn't appetizing enough on its own, the Pixel Buds Pro rolled out new EQ settings yesterday so you can pump up the bass or tweak the sound profile to your tastes.

Get Google Pixel Buds Pro for $48 off

06:46 - Good morning, and welcome to Prime Early Access Sale day two

Good morning and welcome to day two of the Prime Early Access Sale. As with most recent Amazon sale events, the retailer couldn't just stick to one day, and it's a 48-hour extravaganza. Somehow, all of the deals we've spoken about through this live blog over the last day or so are still live, so be sure to scroll through and see if we've recommended anything that you'd like to pick up. If not, we'll have loads more deals we'll be talking through in this live blog throughout your Wednesday, so be sure to check back throughout the day. For now, though, we're going to grab some coffee.

Amazon's most prominent smart security camera brand is and remains Ring, but Ring cameras are expensive, even during Prime Early Access, so the better buy is Blink, where you get many of the same features and similarly solid hardware for significantly less money. Almost every single Blink single camera is on sale, and, of course, the multi-camera bundles are even more generous. If you're just getting started, a video doorbell covers your main entry point and can help catch or dissuade porch pirates, and this bundle also adds two Outdoor cameras to post near the garage and in the backyard.

For the interior of your home, the Blink Mini is super small and super inexpensive, especially when you can get two Blink Minis for the same price as one today. If you're hoping to avoid Blink's subscription for cloud storage, make sure to pick up the Blink Sync Module 2, which is — you guessed it — just about the only Blink product not on sale.

20:30 - The $380 Pixel 6 is somehow still in stock

The best deal of Prime Early Access Day One has been the Pixel 6 at $380. You may be asking how a phone that gets discontinued in two days as the Google Pixel 7 launches on October 13 is the best phone to buy today, but the answer is quite simple: the Pixel 6 is more than 85% the same phone for less than 2/3 the price. In our Pixel 7 hands-on, we found that all changes between the 7 and 6 were minor: the Pixel 7's screen is a little smaller, the selfie camera is upgraded to support face unlock, and the Tensor G2 chipset wasn't necessarily more powerful than the first-gen inside the 6, just more optimized for the AI processing Google's apps and services use to make the Pixel magic happen. Speaking of Pixel magic, it's already confirmed that most Pixel 7 features are coming to the 6 (except face unlock), so you'll still get Photo Unblur, Clear Calling, and the Real Toe enhancements for more true-to-life photography. So really, why pay $600 when you can take a third off with this Prime Day deal? Especially as all the best Pixel 6 cases start getting discounted because they're a year old, too.

Buy the Google Pixel 6 for $220 off

19:30 - Grab a new set of earbuds to block out the world

Earbuds and headphones are two of the most frequently discounted tech products on the market and it's no surprise that there are plenty of earbuds on sale today. From Sony to Sennheiser to Samsung and beyond, there are great earbuds to pick from. Anker Soundcore's Liberty 3 Pro earbuds are down to their lowest price ever, giving you the premium earbuds experience for cheap earbud money.

Buy the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro for $80 off

Meanwhile, both the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and the Galaxy Buds Live are down to $100, giving you the choice between the Buds 2's comfy, long-lasting lightweight buds and the bean-like Buds Live's open design and superb sound quality. Both integrate best with Galaxy smartphones but should offer a great experience no matter the Android phone, tablet, or laptop you use them with.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 for $50 off

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live for $70 off

If need buds that absolutely won't break the bank, the Jabra Elite 3 are close to their lowest price ever. While they may lack ANC, they've got surprisingly decent passive noise blocking, 7-hour battery life before they need to go back in the case, and IP55 "rainproof" water resistance so that you don't have to worry about getting caught in a downpour during your morning run.

Buy the Jabra Elite 3 for $32 off

15:45 - Grab a pocket-sized deal on the pocket-friendly Galaxy Z Flip 4

After a month and a half with the Galaxy Z Flip 4, I don't know how I've settled for having to always carry my phone in my hand, or in a purse instead of my pockets; it's so nice to have a phone that actually fully fits in the front pocket of women's pants. With a more durable screen, longer-lasting hinge, and improved chipset, the Z Flip 4 is a flagship you can fold that doesn't cost as much as a mortgage payment, and you can get $200 off today — or more, if you have a phone to trade in.

Buy the Galaxy Z Flip 4 for $200 off

13:13 - Amazon Fire TV sticks are half off for your streaming pleasure

Amazon makes some of the best streaming devices on the market today, and it's no surprise to see them all heavily discounted for any Amazon Prime event. You can get half off the Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick (3rd Gen), and about-to-be-finally-be-replaced Amazon Fire TV Cube, but for the vast majority of us, the Fire TV Stick 4K is the sweet spot. You get Dolby Vision support for your 4K binges, an easy interface for navigating all your favorite streaming apps, and you get the compact, intuitive Alexa Voice Remote.

Buy the Fire TV Stick 4K for $25 off

There are a few instances where you might want to opt for the Fire TV Stick 4K Max over the 4K: the Max works with Wi-Fi 6 routers, supports Dolby Atmos for Disney+ and Prime Video content, and has 2GB of RAM for a smoother experience when bouncing between apps and menus.

Buy the Fire TV Stick 4K Max for $20 off

11:00 - Get the last Galaxy Watch with a rotating bezel for half the price of a Watch 5 Pro

While the Galaxy Watch 5 may have overthrown the Galaxy Watch 4 to claim the title best Android smartwatch, the Watch 5 Pro couldn't claim such an easy victory over the Watch 4 Classic. The 5 Pro's battery is nothing to sneeze at, but there's just no understating how useful the Watch 4 Classic's rotating bezel is for easier navigation — especially when your hands are all sweaty from a hard workout. Battery isn't stupendous, but it will get you through the day, and both watches have the same processor and 95% of the same features, so you have to ask: is battery alone worth paying an extra $230 for the Watch 5 Pro?

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic for $130 off

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is also seeing a discount for Prime Early Access, but only on one configuration. The smaller silver Watch 4 is down to $150, which matches the Prime Day deal it got — except on Prime Day only the black 40mm was that price — as is about as low as I think we'll see the Watch 4 drop before it disappears forever. Unlike the Watch 4 Classic, the 4 is being discontinued in favor of the Watch 5, which makes sense given the Watch 5 is only a $30 upgrade over the normally $250 Watch 4.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm Silver) for $100 off

09:30 - Upgrade your shower karaoke and backyard lo-fi with the Sony SRS-XB13

Out of the many brilliant Bluetooth speakers seeing deals today, the one I personally endorse is the speaker I bought myself on Prime Day: the Sony SRS-XB13. This sweet speaker has a perfect size and weight in your hand, the strap is highly adaptable and well-matched to each colorway — the one pictured above is the Amazon-exclusive Powder Blue — and Sony knows how to build a speaker to last. Playback controls are consistent and easy to remember, and it supports USB-C Power Delivery chargers, so you can charge it off the same wall adapter (or power bank) your phone uses, perfect for those week-long backpacking trips, or just chilling in the backyard watching the leaves change.

Buy the Sony SRS-XB13 for $22 off

09:06 - Automate your life with Amazon Smart Plug

There are thousands of smart devices out there, but there are millions more "dumb" lamps, fans, coffee makers, and other appliances that outnumber them 10-to-1. Rather than spending thousands on all-new, all-smart devices, simply plug them into an Amazon Smart Plug to you can power the devices off and on using Alexa Routines, voice commands, or the handy dandy button on the side. If you have an Echo — speaker or display — all setup needs is for you to plug it in and then tap the notification from the Alexa app to name the new plug.

Buy the Amazon Smart Plug for $12 off

07:26 - The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are on sale

If you don't want a 6a, but you're sure you want a Pixel you may prefer two deals on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. We've just heard all about the Pixel 7, but these two phones aren't dissimilar to the two new devices and they're far cheaper during the Prime Early Access Sale. If you're looking for a Pixel 6 deal, these are among the best.

Buy the Google Pixel 6 for $220 off

Buy the Google Pixel 6 Pro for $250 off

06:47 - The Pixel 6a drops to $350

We've seen consistent price cuts to Google's Pixel 6a over the last few months, but today we've seen its best price yet with a reduction of $100 if you're buying the phone outright. It's $350 on Amazon right now, and that's a great deal for our top pick of the best budget Android phones.

Buy the Google Pixel 6a for $120 off

05:15 - Get an Echo Dot and eero Mesh Wifi router for just $110

The latest Echo Dot isn't discounted for this sales event, but if you pair it with an eero Mesh Wifi router you will get a discount of $19. It brings the price down to $110 for the two gadgets together, and these two work together seamlessly.

Buy the Echo Dot (5th gen) and eero Mesh Wifi router bundle for $19 off

00:35 - Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is $300 off + free memory upgrade

Samsung's latest and greatest foldable hasn't been seeing steep discounts yet — it's only been out for two months, after all — but it's down to $1,500 at Amazon for both the 256GB model and the 512GB configurations, for all your movie and music hoarding needs. It's not quite as sweet as some trade-in deals carriers have been offering, but if you lack a worthwhile phone to trade in, this is probably your best bet between now and Black Friday.

Buy the 512GB Galaxy Z Fold 4 for $420 off

00:25 - Be ready for the World Series with Amazon's Fire TV Omni series

We're into the MLB playoffs, we're in the thick of football season, and there's never been more streaming services or content to watch on your smart TV. Among the systems your smart TV could run, Amazon's Fire TV holds up surprisingly well, and the Amazon Fire TV Omni series represents Amazon's best in-house offerings at the moment. It's a simple TV that looks good, performs snappily, and the Fire TV interface is wonderfully intuitive for newer, more casual users who don't have their TV streaming music and reruns six hours a day for background noise (like me).

Buy the 50" Amazon Fire TV Omni for $110 off

00:15 - Anker's best buds are back down to $119

Not only are the Soundcore Liberty Pro 3 ANC earbuds some of the best wireless earbuds on the market, they're also among the most comfortable to wear, especially for long periods of time. Available in four colors — including a majestic Dusk Purple — these earbuds have only had a better deal once before, during Prime Day, but even right now, it's a deep discount for a product that punches well above its weight class.

Buy the Anker Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro for $51 off

23:00 - Get $40 off the Kindle Paperwhite

Buy the Kindle Paperwhite for $40 off