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The Amazon Echo (4th gen) is an easy recommendation for the best smart speaker for most people's needs. It offers excellent sound quality for its size, the built-in Alexa assistant is quick to respond to commands — and that it looks like a mini Death Star. Today's deal knocks the Echo down to an all-time low of $50, making it the perfect time to pick one up for yourself or as a gift for the holidays.


The speaker itself measures 5.7 inches wide by 5.2 inches tall, but produces sound that seems like it should come from something two or three times that size. That's thanks, in large part, to its three-inch woofer, which we noted in our review provides a nice "oomph" of bass. If sound quality is your biggest consideration, there are certainly bigger and better options out there, but at this size and price, Amazon's offering is nearly impossible to beat.

Amazon Echo (4th Gen)

The Amazon Echo (4th gen) is a smart speaker that combines great sound quality with the intelligence of the Alexa voice assistant. It can be used to play music, listen to podcasts, and control Alexa smart devices throughout your home.

But the great sound here is only the beginning, and in addition to all of its Alexa capabilities, the Echo can also be paired with a second speaker for stereo sound. You can even place them all over your house to serve as hands-free intercoms, Wi-Fi extenders for compatible Eero networks, and they can even serve as smart hubs for Zigbee devices like Philips Hue lights.

This may all sound a bit intimidating, but the Echo is super easy to set up, and even if you don't use its smart features a ton, it still makes for a great wireless speaker. Grab one, or several, while you can at this price.