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SoundAssistant has improved a lot this year, with new features like Bluetooth Metronome making it an even more valuable part of the Good Locks suite. The module is getting even better now, with tighter Theme Park integration and plenty of new customization options.

The first change is actually the removal of some theming options for better compatibility with Theme Park. That makes sense as the color options found in previous versions of SoundAssistant were limited and Theme Park does a much better job.


The real fun begins when you head into the new "Customize volume panel" menu. You can adjust the height of the volume bar in the standard panel, change which side it appears on, show a numerical volume level, and enable the SoundAssistant floating button. Most of these were already options, but having them together in one place and seeing what the changes will look like makes for a better experience than before.

It gets even better when you start messing with the expanded volume panel. Here you can add toolbar functions that provide quick access to a Bluetooth/speaker switch, Live Caption, the equalizer, and SoundAssistant itself. The icon for the latter looks out of place compared to the others, so I hope they change that in a future release.

Bluetooth Metronome can be added right to the volume panel from here for easier access. Metronome allows you to add or remove a delay to Bluetooth audio if you're having issues with lips not syncing. Having easy access to it without opening the app will make quick adjustments in the middle of watching a video possible.

Finally, individual app volume sliders let you adjust the volume for any app currently playing media without changing the system volume. This isn't a new feature, but in the past, you had to enable this on a per-app basis, and you could only change an app's volume from the SoundAssistant floating menu. Now they show right in the volume panel. This is music to my ears, as I often use this to lower the volume on Google Maps so that it doesn't drown out my music.

All in all, this is a solid update to SoundAssistant, and I can't wait to see what the Good Lock team has planned next. The update should be rolling out now through the Galaxy Store but you can also grab it from .